Memory Care

Memory Care is the most special and gentle segment of our population here at Golden Pond. Our Memory Care program is based on the concept of “Person-Centered” care, which means knowing each and every resident with a focus on the whole person.

We want our residents to have more control over their daily lives, and respect their self-esteem in every encounter or activity.

Nancy Shire-Anselmo developed our program here at Golden Pond. Nancy is a nationally recognized Gerontologist and industry leader developing quality supportive centers for the memory impaired. She has dedicated her life and for the last 20 years, to see that these individuals have a safe and supportive environment. Nancy is a lead trainer for 5 California Chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association and is active in many prestigious Board positions such as California Assisted Living Association (CALA).

For a list of our standard accommodations, read about our Services & Amenities.

The Daily Program

The guiding principles of the Memory Care are evident in the Daily Program. These activities include; Individualized person-centered care, specialized program and therapeutic activities, and lifelong learning for every encounter to maintain the connections that are important to a positive quality of life.

The Dining Experience

Our dining experience focuses on retained skills to remain independent. We encourage a sense of self with our residents’ ability to make choices. Hydration management is an important aspect to maintain health and minimizing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

High Staffing and Training Standards

All staff are exposed to continuous training including tools such as formal training, meetings, Care and Compliance training modules as well as on-going in-services, utilizing both internal and external resources.

Physical Environment Modifications

We have a unique, “Way-Finding Assistance” using color to assist residents with locations. Activity opportunities are set-up throughout to foster engagement and help residents identify familiar settings to reminisce and relate to where they may be at any given moment in their journey.

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