Ramsey Village Events

A variety of activities are offered daily, with special regard to individual preferences, abilities, and interests pertaining to their lifestyle. Supplies are available for individuals such as books (audio and large print as well), magazines, puzzles, music, and movies. Family and friends are always welcomed and encouraged to come to enjoy the fun. Our experienced staff and volunteers add diversity to our excellent program. Residents are surrounded by people who care about his or her interests, happiness, and well being.

Mind and Body

  • Memory Games
  • Word Games and Brain Teaser Exercises/Trivia
  • Group Discussions
  • Cultural and historical groups
  • Current Events Discussion Group
  • Sensory Programs
  • Outings and Shopping Trips/Church/Lunch Bunch/Field Trips/Sports Events
  • Chair Dancing/Tia Chi/ Yoga/ Chair Salsa
  • Manicures / Glamour Nails
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Games (Parachute, Balloon Volleyball, Bucket Ball, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Baseball)
  • Bridge Club/Card Club
  • Health Talks/Seminars
  • Readers Group Skits / Plays 1:1 Therapeutic Programming for Non-active residents
  • Mentoring Program

Enrichment and Entertainment

  • Music Therapy
  • Entertainment and Musical Performances/Sing A Longs/Hymn Sing/Dance/Magician
  • Seasonal and Holiday Events
  • Arts and Crafts/ Art Instructor
  • Volunteering and Community Service Opportunities
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Floral and Gardening Club
  • Religious Services / Memorial Services
  • Grief Counseling
  • Bible Studies
  • Socials and Snacks
  • Family Nights (Quarterly)
  • Movie Entertainment/Travelogues
  • Pet Therapy
  • Cooking/Baking/Demonstrator
  • Resident Council/ Town Hall Meetings/ Meetings
  • Theme Meals
  • Men’s & Women’s Club
  • Outdoor Activities Classes (Computer, Writing, Language, etc…)
  • Life Enrichment Room in The Bridges

Ramsey Village Continuing Care

(515) 612-7747

1611 27th St Des Moines, IA 50310

Activity Calendars

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