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Seniors Rehabilitation

Golden Pond recognizes that true independence must be built upon a foundation of good health. All the great food and fun events in the world mean nothing without the ability to enjoy it.

Embrace Tomorrow Healthy Living 

To augment our care giving and activities staff, we have formed a “wellness alliance” with Advanced Home HealthIntegra Personal Care and a local physician group that specializes in health for older adults and makes house calls. We call this cooperative alliance “Embrace Tomorrow Healthy Living.”

Embrace Tomorrow has identified several events and conditions that cause trips to the E.R. and visits to Skilled Nursing Facilities. In a concerted effort to reduce hospitalizations, Golden Pond and Embrace Tomorrow offers residents a safe, fun and preventative approach to the next chapter of your life.

  • Environmental Safety AssessmentOnce you are moved-in, Golden Pond will ask an Occupational Therapist to assess the safety of your apartment. The OT will make sure there are no trip hazards and that your bathroom and shower are set up in the best possible manner. There is no charge to you for this valuable service. 

On-site Fitness Program

Our gym and fitness center include the latest equipment and a juice bistro. Staffed with Physical Therapists and Therapy Aides, you can enjoy group exercise or one-on-one personal training. (Charges may apply). On-site Physical and Occupational Therapy Medicare qualified therapy programs can help you utilize Medicare benefits to improve your quality of life. Let us see if we can help you improve your balance, get stronger and develop anti-fall strategies. Pelvic floor strengthening is a Medicare covered benefit that can often significantly improve bladder control. Ask our PT to develop a special personal training regimen just for you. Finally, any therapy rehab you may require can be provided right in the comfort of your new Golden Pond home. (Avoid Skilled Nursing Facilities!) On-site RNs (when you need them) By utilizing your Home Health benefit through Medicare, should you need nursing care, we will bring the nurse to you. Physician House Calls We know that getting in to see your Primary Care Physician is often difficult. And, when a condition requires time-sensitive care, responsiveness is critical. Our House Call Physician’s group is available to step in when it is an “urgency” — that is, when it is too urgent to wait for your own doctor to respond, but not grave enough to warrant a trip to the Emergency Room.

At Golden Pond, you won’t see clinician’s in lab coats — all our medical professional partners wear street clothes. Our rehab therapy is performed in the gym alongside our personal trainers. While we bring clinical expertise directly to you, we certainly don’t want our community to “feel” clinical.

We believe that “wellness” begins with a comprehensive approach. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our residents out of the E.R. and out of Skilled Nursing Facilities. With “wellness” comes the ability to look forward to each and every day -

Embrace Tomorrow! Live Healthy!